Respect Life

“Choose Life, that you and your descendants may Live…”
Deut. 30:19

The Respect Life Apostolate of St. Thomas the Apostle encourages the protection, respect and celebration of every human life, born and unborn, through education and pastoral care. The Respect Life Apostolate sponsors an annual Baby Shower in the parish and school, Respect Life Week in the school and Respect Life Sunday. They also participate in the Walk for Life, the Life Chain and Chastity Day. All donations support the Sunset Emergency Pregnancy Office which offers counseling and material support for women in crisis pregnancies. Information about all life issues including abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, contraception, post-abortion counseling, living wills, capital punishment, teen pregnancy, and chastity are available. There are two workshops every year, in February and October, where all are welcome to learn more about our call to build a culture that loves and respects all life! For more information call Mari Garcia at the rectory, 305-665-6862.