Religious Education Program for 2021-2022

The Religious Education program offered at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church forms young Catholics by providing necessary faith formation, preparing students to receive the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation, and teaching children that serving the Lord is a lifetime vocation. Our program begins at the age of 4, and goes through high school. Classes are taught and students are guided by certified Catechists, with assistance from paraprofessional’s volunteering from local Catholic high schools.

PK 4-5th Grade Classes in English:

  • Days/ Times of classes: Wednesdays 3:45pm- 5:00pm

  • Open House is on Wednesday, Sept 8th 3:45pm-5:00pm

  • First class is on Wednesday, Sept 15th 2021

6th – 8th Grade Classes in English:

  • Days/Times of classes: Thursdays 4:45pm-6:00pm

  • Open house is on Thursday, Sept 9th 4:45pm-6:00pm

  • First class is on Thursday, Sept 16, 2021

9th – 12th Grade Classes in English (Sacramental preparation for those in high school):

  • Days/Times of classes: Thursdays 4:45pm-6:00pm

If you would like to register, please take the following steps:

  1. Please chose your form- English or Spanish- according to the day you want your child to attend.

  2. Print out the attached application, read it and fill out by hand.

  3. Please include a copy of the Birth Certificate and the Baptism Certificate.

  4. You can bring the application to the Rectory or scan it and send it back to with the Birth and Baptism certificates. Photos of documents are not allowed. Only scanned documents.

  5. Kindly make the payment online with a credit / debit card, or bring a check or cash to the rectory.

The registration deadline is August 16, 2021. Please make sure to send the documents prior to the deadline date.

Registration Form

Tuition fee schedule per year:

  • $250.00 per child

  • $180.00 per child if there are two siblings

  • $160.00 per child if there are 3 siblings or more.

Please add $50 in sacramental year.

Tuition Payment methods:

  • Online Giving click on Church tab, click on Online Giving, click on Choose a fund, select CCD – Religious Education. Enter amount, select Credit card or ACH and complete information of payment. In “Envelope Number” please place your child’s name.

  • You can also bring cash or check to the Rectory.

Kindly contact the Office of Religious Education if you have any questions.

God bless you and your family.

Programa de Educación Religiosa para 2021-2022

El programa de educación religiosa ofrecida por St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church otorga un conocimiento más profundo de su fe para los estudiantes, los prepara para recibir el Sacramento de la Primera Comunión y la Confirmación y enseña que sirviendo al Señor es una vocación de vida.

Horario de clases en español  (para todos los niveles de CCD):

  • Dia y Hora de las clases: Domingos de 10:45am-12:00pm

  • Open House domingo 12 de septiembre de 10:45am-12:00pm

  • Primara clase es el 19 de septiembre del 2021

Si desea registrarse, siga los siguientes pasos:

  1. Por favor elija su formulario, en inglés o español, de acuerdo con el día en que desea que su hijo asista.

  2. Imprima la solicitud adjunta, léala y llénela a mano.

  3. Incluya una copia del certificado de nacimiento y el certificado de bautismo.

  4. Puede traer la solicitud a la Rectoría o escanearla y enviarla a  con los certificados de nacimiento y bautismo. No se permiten fotografías de documentos. Solo documentos escaneados.

  5. Haga el pago en línea con una tarjeta de crédito / débito, o lleve un cheque o efectivo a la Rectoría.

La fecha límite de registro es el 16 de agosto de 2021. Asegúrese de enviar los documentos antes de la fecha límite.

Forma de Registración

Programa de tarifas de matrícula por año:

  • $250.00 por niño

  • $180.00 por niño si son dos hermanos

  • $160.00 por niño si son 3 hermanos o más.

Por favor adicione $50 más si el niño recibe su sacramento este año.

Forma de pago de la matrícula:

  • Online giving Haga click en Church, click en Online Giving, busque en la lista “Fund” y seleccione CCD Religious Education. Después de la información de la tarjeta de crédito, encontrará un espacio para el número de sobre o “Envelope Number”. Escriba el nombre del niño allí.

  • También puede traer efectivo o cheque a la Rectoría.


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Press Release 3/2/2020: Archbishop Wenski issues guidelines to help prevent spread of coronavirus.

Miami ... (March 2, 2020) The Archdiocese of Miami offers the following guidelines parishes can employ to help prevent the spread of contagion.  The same precautions taken for the flu are also to be employed to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Because we now have two confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the state of Florida, the following practices are suggested.
  • Temporary suspension of the minor chalices used for the distribution of the Precious Blood.
  • Temporary suspension of the communal Sign of Peace (kissing or shaking of hands).
  • Not to hold hands during the recitation/chanting of the Our Father.
  • Temporary suspension of the greeting before Mass (if your parish has this practice).
  • Emptying the holy water fonts at the church doors.
  • Use of anti-bacterial soap by the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion before and after distribution of the Host.
  • Reminding parishioners that if they feel unwell or have flu like symptoms they are encouraged to stay home.
  • The celebrant is to use discretion if he shakes hands while greeting parishioners before or after the Mass.
As the distribution of Holy Communion involves contact with both the mouth and hands, any Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion who feels uncomfortable distributing Communion should be allowed to temporarily step down from ministry. It is still left to the discretion of the communicant how they wish to receive the Host. If circumstances should change in the coming days and weeks that require a different course of action, further information or measures will be forthcoming. The Archdiocese of Miami: Instagram/Twitter/YouTube: @CatholicMiami Facebook: /ArchdioceseofMiami Follow our hashtags: #MiamiArchNews #MiamiArchCommunications Media contact: Maria Alejandra Rivas, Media Coordinator, at (305)762-1046, or Mary Ross Agosta, Director of Communications, at (305)762-1043 Click here to view the Press Release on the ADOM website.