Message from the Pastor: Mass with a Congregation Guidelines

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church

Greetings, my Family!

We pray all are well…

We understand that there is no perfect way to orchestrate the integration of our liturgical celebrations along with the policies, procedures and guidelines that adhere to proper Social Distancing as recommended by the Federal, State and Local authorities, CDC and the ADOM, so please be patient and understanding.

To follow are some simple and straightforward directions/instructions/guidelines we all must follow:

  • Everyone must wear a mask at all times except right before receiving Communion

Lower mask once directly in front of the Priest, Deacon or Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

  • Mass Registration System

Instructions found below

  • Enter through the 62nd Street entrance only
    • Gate closes 10 minutes prior to Mass
  • Leave 1 parking space empty between parked cars
  • Enter the Church Building thru right-hand door of main entrance into vestibule
    • Doors close 5 minutes prior to Mass
  • Enter into the Sanctuary thru right-hand door from the vestibule
  • Color coded areas:
    • Usher assisted, please follow the Ushers’ promptings
    • White – 1 Person
    • Yellow – 2 family members living within the same household
    • Blue – 3 or 4 family members living within the same household
    • Red – 5 or 6 family members living within the same household
  • Reception of Communion
    • Usher assisted, please follow the Ushers’ promptings
    • Communion procession will start with the back row
    • Everyone must wear a mask at all times except right before receiving Communion

Lower mask once directly in front of the Priest, Deacon or Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

  • Reception of Eucharist In-hand ONLY
  • At the conclusion of Mass, kindly remain in your pew.  You will be excused by the Ushers by section.
  • Please do not congregate either before or after Mass in the vestibule or the parking lot

Mass Registration Instructions

Registration for Masses will open on Sunday, May 24th at 2:00pm.

This will include registration for Masses from Tuesday, May 26th thru Sunday, May 31st.

Please visit our website at and follow these steps:

  • Click on Church
  • Click on Mass Registration Form
  • You are required to answer ALL 5 questions*
  • Enter Name and Last Name
  • Add attendees, if applicable
  • Enter email address
  • Submit Form
  • You are now Registered

Please check your email for a Confirmation Receipt.

You will need to present the Email Confirmation to the usher.

Print or have it readily available on your mobile device.

If you receive the message, “All Registrations have been filled,” kindly register for another Mass.

If all Masses that you are able to attend are full, you are welcome to follow our Masses via Live-Stream.

* Please note, if you answered YES to any of the 5 questions, regretfully we cannot accept your Registration, due to COVID-19 government, CDC and ADOM regulations.

Truthful responses are for the greater good of all.

As the Archbishop wrote in his message on the 18th:
“If you are sick or have flu like symptoms, stay home.  If you are frail because of age or are vulnerable because of an underlying condition, or you are a caretaker of someone who is, it might be reasonable for you to stay home.  If you are fearful, stay home.”

You are welcome to follow our Masses via Live-Stream.

Visit: click on Church, then “Join us on YouTube!

The dispensation from the obligation of attending Mass on Sunday continues indefinitely.

Good judgment and reason should guide your decision as to when you should resume coming to Sunday Mass.

You may consider attending a Daily Mass and receive Jesus in the Eucharist then.

During this “Trial” period, please remember that the “3 – P’s” (Prudence – Patience – Perseverance) will play a major part in how smoothly this integration to Mass with a Congregation will ultimately honor and glorify our God.

We will tweak and adjust if/when needed.

Stay informed by visiting: or

Happy Ascension of the Lord to you and yours, and have a safe and blessed Memorial Day weekend!

Fr. Alejandro

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Press Release 3/2/2020: Archbishop Wenski issues guidelines to help prevent spread of coronavirus.

Miami ... (March 2, 2020) The Archdiocese of Miami offers the following guidelines parishes can employ to help prevent the spread of contagion.  The same precautions taken for the flu are also to be employed to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Because we now have two confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the state of Florida, the following practices are suggested.
  • Temporary suspension of the minor chalices used for the distribution of the Precious Blood.
  • Temporary suspension of the communal Sign of Peace (kissing or shaking of hands).
  • Not to hold hands during the recitation/chanting of the Our Father.
  • Temporary suspension of the greeting before Mass (if your parish has this practice).
  • Emptying the holy water fonts at the church doors.
  • Use of anti-bacterial soap by the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion before and after distribution of the Host.
  • Reminding parishioners that if they feel unwell or have flu like symptoms they are encouraged to stay home.
  • The celebrant is to use discretion if he shakes hands while greeting parishioners before or after the Mass.
As the distribution of Holy Communion involves contact with both the mouth and hands, any Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion who feels uncomfortable distributing Communion should be allowed to temporarily step down from ministry. It is still left to the discretion of the communicant how they wish to receive the Host. If circumstances should change in the coming days and weeks that require a different course of action, further information or measures will be forthcoming. The Archdiocese of Miami: Instagram/Twitter/YouTube: @CatholicMiami Facebook: /ArchdioceseofMiami Follow our hashtags: #MiamiArchNews #MiamiArchCommunications Media contact: Maria Alejandra Rivas, Media Coordinator, at (305)762-1046, or Mary Ross Agosta, Director of Communications, at (305)762-1043 Click here to view the Press Release on the ADOM website.