MEDIA ALERT: Archbishop Wenski issues statement regarding the celebration of Masses and suspension of other events.

Archdiocese of Miami to celebrate the Lord’s Day but will be guided by prudence and best counsel of civil authorities and medical professionals in the coming days.

Miami.. . (March 13, 2020) Our parishes will celebrate the Lord’s Day this weekend and during the week for those who do wish to participate in the Eucharistic celebration, the source and summit of our Christian life. We pray that we will be able to continue to do so; but we will be guided by prudence and the best counsel of our civil authorities and medical professionals. If circumstances dictate in coming days that Masses be suspended the Archdiocese will make a timely announcement to that effect.

Archdiocese parochial schools and high schools will close on Tuesday, March 17th. (In order to provide parents the opportunity to arrange childcare and personal schedules, Catholic schools will be open on Monday, March 16.) Religious education programs (CCD) are also suspended. Retreats and other parish activities will be cancelled or postponed in an effort to increase “social distancing” in order to mitigate exposure.

“I continue to urge prudence. Those who are sick or are tending to the sick should not come to Mass this weekend. Those who have anxiety, or are caregivers to the elderly or young children, may decide not to attend Mass. Given these extraordinary circumstances, I dispense the faithful of the Archdiocese of Miami from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass,” Archbishop Thomas Wenski said.

As we prepare to celebrate the Third Sunday of our Lenten Season, our nation – and, indeed, our world – is facing unprecedented threat because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We hold in prayer all those infected with the virus, their families and loved ones. We pray for the repose of the souls of those who have died. As a people of faith, we trust in the power of prayer and in the providence of our loving God; as a people of hope, we know that God will never abandon us in our need; and as a people of charity, we, despite our own fears and anxieties, stand in solidarity with all of our brothers and sisters infected or affected by this pandemic.

Let nothing disturb you,
let nothing frighten you,
he who has God
nothing lacks:
God alone suffices. 
(St. Teresa of Avila)

The Archdiocese of Miami

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Press Release 3/2/2020: Archbishop Wenski issues guidelines to help prevent spread of coronavirus.

Miami ... (March 2, 2020) The Archdiocese of Miami offers the following guidelines parishes can employ to help prevent the spread of contagion.  The same precautions taken for the flu are also to be employed to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Because we now have two confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the state of Florida, the following practices are suggested.
  • Temporary suspension of the minor chalices used for the distribution of the Precious Blood.
  • Temporary suspension of the communal Sign of Peace (kissing or shaking of hands).
  • Not to hold hands during the recitation/chanting of the Our Father.
  • Temporary suspension of the greeting before Mass (if your parish has this practice).
  • Emptying the holy water fonts at the church doors.
  • Use of anti-bacterial soap by the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion before and after distribution of the Host.
  • Reminding parishioners that if they feel unwell or have flu like symptoms they are encouraged to stay home.
  • The celebrant is to use discretion if he shakes hands while greeting parishioners before or after the Mass.
As the distribution of Holy Communion involves contact with both the mouth and hands, any Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion who feels uncomfortable distributing Communion should be allowed to temporarily step down from ministry. It is still left to the discretion of the communicant how they wish to receive the Host. If circumstances should change in the coming days and weeks that require a different course of action, further information or measures will be forthcoming. The Archdiocese of Miami: Instagram/Twitter/YouTube: @CatholicMiami Facebook: /ArchdioceseofMiami Follow our hashtags: #MiamiArchNews #MiamiArchCommunications Media contact: Maria Alejandra Rivas, Media Coordinator, at (305)762-1046, or Mary Ross Agosta, Director of Communications, at (305)762-1043 Click here to view the Press Release on the ADOM website.